Thursday, June 23, 2005

Green Lane, 7 p.m., fightin' through

Almost didn't ride today. It's been one of those way-exhausting weeks, one of those weeks where you get so tired and run-down, you can't sleep cuz of it. Ride today was short and obligatory. Hadn't gotten a recovery ride in from Saturday's 59er, and i needed to shake out the cobwebs that had formed as a result of sleeping in this morning (I do this the day after my radio show). Fired out along the Schuylkill River Park path (no train today, though they were setting up a stage for some sort of "concert on the schuylkill" jawn) and up along MLK drive. When traffic is open on MLK, especially in the vicinity of rush hour, it's best to stay on the paved path; people drive like it's some kind of freeway.

Got out to Green Lane (traffic on Main Street Manayunk was ridiculous), turned right around and flew back. Decided to take the Parkway home rather than the SRP path (that concert was probably closer to underway; no need to get involved with that) and saw some PECO-type trucks doing what I'm guessing was preparing for the upcoming Live8 debacle.

Got home and felt alive enough to shower then run out to the Foodery for a mix-a-six. (This entry is powered by a fine Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA "Blessed with hops.") With any luck, I'll be asleep way before you read this. 18.84 miles, 1:08:29, avg speed 16.5 mph, top speed 25.5 mph

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